Water heater is a basic necessity. The main purpose of installing a water heater is to get warm water and to consistently supply it to showers, sinks, tubs, and appliances. It makes our lives easy, comfy, and liveable. A properly installed and maintained water heater will operate efficiently for many years. Also it keeps your household comfortable.

Here are the five water heater accessories you can purchase and install to improve the effectiveness and safety of your equipment.


Do you want to reduce your utility bills? Then just install this timer which will help to cut down the power when your heater is not in use. These devices will be connected directly into the unit’s electrical supply, so the water heater will consume the electricity only when it is needed. Water heaters consume 18% energy in your utility bills, to reduce it install the timer.

Expansion Tanks

These tanks provide extra tank space for more water. It is ideal for homes that require additional heating, if the tank space is more the holding capacity will be more.

Water Heater Pan 

The pan acts as a reservoir to collect the overflowing / additional water. It has an opening in the side where a drain hose will be connected to carry away any overflow water. 

Leak Detectors and Alarms. 

Alarms are life-savers as they are fixed either in the pan beside the water heater. If there are signs of overflow, the alarm will sense it immediately. When the water comes into the pan, the alarm will alert the homeowner that there’s a problem. Advanced alarms are equipped with Wifi so you can get alerts via phone. A leak detector is a worthy investment and also a huge money saver. 

Water Heater Stands. 

These accessories raise gas units off the ground, protecting your home from fire. It’s a flammable liquid. When installing one of these devices, be careful that it will have an impact on your measurements along with your plumbing and venting. If you’re a plumbing expert that’s fine or you must hire a professional on-hand for a stand installation to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Water heaters at home will play a major role as a part of your utility bill each month if you are living in a colder place. Therefore, carefully choose the water heaters for your house. While buying a water heater you have to consider two important factors –  it should satisfy your family’s daily need for hot water and also reduce your energy bills significantly. 

There are tons of water heater accessories out there to make your equipment extra effective at keeping your home comfortable.